Yvette Fontenoy-Lilot



Why choose Family Therapy?   

In many cultures, the family is the smallest basic system. Generally,  families go through the 'normal' stages of development or crises, resolving them within the family itself. Their family life then continues, with some re-adjustment but no dramatic upsets. However, there are periods when a family,  or one of its members, may be faced with a problem that appears to be insurmountable and professional help is required.

For example, one of the children may suddenly start having problems at school or start bed-wetting; a family member may be suffering from a nervous breakdown, anorexia, or a serious drug or alcohol problem.

The family may also feel disturbed by a radical change, a new job, a relocation, even to a new country; unemployment, separation or divorce; serious illness or the death of a close member of the family.

I am a family therapist, with a degree in Psychology (Open University - UK), a Masters in Family Therapy (Paris 8 - France) and am a member of the British Psychological Society. I am currently based close to Avignon in the South of France.

Essentially, I work with families, and this can mean working with all of the family, with various members of the family, depending on their situation and requirements, or with an individual, or a couple. I  meet my clients in neutral, confidential and amicable  surroundings, where the family can talk together freely and objectively about their problem in an attempt to break the deadlock, so as to find the stability that their particular family prefers.

If appropriate, the family can also be referred to another specialist,

If you would like to find out more about how I could assist you, please contact me on:

(33) (0)4 90 31 80 84