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There are currently three Soma Jones novels in print from Polyversity Press. Dashanka Junction was written first but whether it is temporally, thematically, spiritually or morally the first of these books is a moot question.

The final volume, Kings of Infinite Space, is expected some time later this year.

Once again, these books are not necessarily sequels of prequels in any conventional sense of the word. We refer to these books as The Soma Jones Novels here but in many ways The Narthex is more preoccupied with the trajectory of Rayne Keller and The Helicopteur Police, and Sine Cygnet & Signifier opens with a scenario that has drifted from the chick lit novel that Soma Jones may or may not have been writing at Hotel Dashanka, and then it spins out into the complex relationships between character and landscape that are grist to the mill of this particular perpetuum mobile.

This site will provide some clews and theories as well as some information about origins and teleologies.

More soon.


Soma Jones is waiting for a bus. Countless iterations ago he was shot with an ascii-iser by a mysterious woman called Wilhelmina Carrow. And it’s the end of the world. Again.

Reduced to his component phonemes, Soma Jones undergoes an aeon long journey back to critical reevaluation through utopias and lost backwaters. Places that are not places locked into a gridlock terminal gravity around Dashanka Junction.

Civilisations come and go. Identities rise and fall. Nested within each other like matryoshka dolls. Fractally recursive and each claiming to be the centre of the universe.

Which layer of the onion is this? 

How deeply parenthesised is the world?