Open Polyversity

mcluhan-medium-is_0006pOkay, the first question is whether you would be interested in contributing to a regular (monthly? quarterly?) journal in ebook and paperback form?

You’d probably be asking what sort of material we are looking for. We want the material to be of diverse types: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, artwork, comics. Our model would be somewhere between Radical Software, McLuhan & Fiore’s The Medium is the Massage, New Worlds Quarterly, Wyndham Lewis’ Blast and Metal Hurlant.

You’d probably be asking asking after that how you’d be paid for yr contribution. We would be looking at a profit-share not unlike how London improv gigs are paid: beyond the printing and distribution costs, which deals with anyway, the profits would be split in equal shares between contributors with another share for the designer/editor.

The idea is that everyone involved takes responsibility for promoting the work, again not unlike a London improv gig.

The format would be a pocket book, the size of old Penguin paperbacks. These limitations of page-size and black & white printing should suggest what sort of material you might be able to contribute to this journal.

Okay, now that you’re interested ask us a lot of questions.

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