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Near Andromeda – Zali Krishna

New in 2017 from Polyversity Press:

nearcoverSomewhere out near Andromeda is a world of dusty parking lots in the sun. Dusty and mostly empty because it is easier under local conditions to manufacture car parks than to manufacture cars.

Near Andromeda is a set of utopian gospels from the end of the human project. It is a set of compact parables about who we are and where we are going.

Near Andromeda is a handful of love letters to everything that we might have been.

In the tradition of Olaf Stapledon, Stanislaw Lem and Douglas Adams. Near Andromeda laughs at the abyss, grins in the face of the apocalypse, and explains everything you will ever need to know about the refrigerator as a duelling weapon.

Available in paperback or ebook.

Immerse yourself in the world of dusty parking lots in the sun with the Near Andromeda radio series for the eyes performed by Solomon Kirchner and the PVC Radiophonic Workshop: