In Heaven

So you might ask: what is heaven? You need to separate it from paradise to start with. Sure, we all like a beautiful garden but that’s not the full extent. Heaven is a freedom from narrative. That’s why boring people will tell you that dystopia is exciting but utopia is boring, and unrealistic and besides wouldn’t you rather buy our new TV series?

Heaven is willing to imagine that all of yr convenient objections will be solved by miracles: better than that, they don’t need to be solved because they were imagined problems, often not imagined by you but imagined at you by people who can profit from those problems. Considering the lillies is a useful starting point but not enough. Passivity is not the way in.

To consider that you are nothing more than a moveable feast, drifting through an ocean of other amused concerns, happy to accomodate and communicate, but on the other hand determined to stand up to hate and intolerance. Without that you can kiss the golden age goodbye.

The devil has all the best tunes, but only if you grew up listening to his dodgy mixtape, man.