Heroic Phase

I think that the heroic phase of narrative peaks at about thirteen years old and is in decline after that.

This came to mind while wandering through shops with toy departments, observing the objects there and the reactions they provoked in parents and children. If I had been presented with two action figures at ages up to that theoretical peak age, I would have thrown the two of them into conflict. They would have zoomed and kapowed and generally had a Mahābhārata of a time around the kitchen table.

Somewhere I grew out of that phase.

Given those action figures now, I would probably examine how they were constructed, what sort of articulated joints they had been given, and how well they stood up on different surfaces. I might spend some time online looking up different iterations of these figures; how they looked in the 80s and 90s. After I had extracted all possible interesting information from them, I would probably leave them in a compromising sexual pose in the fruit bowl.

Which, oddly enough, is almost exact how I am now inclined to treat narrative.