Finchley in the Rain


So here at last is Solomon Kirchner’s debut release “Finchley in the Rain”. Solomon has been my long time sideman on over two decades of Entropy Circus projects as well as being half of Europe’s favourite sitar’n’synth duo, Raagnagrok.

And it’s a strange choice for a debut, being a cover version of a lost 1974 recording by Bromwich Ham (not to be mistaken with the near contemporary German fusion act Brummagem). Bromwich Ham were a progressive three piece put together by the notorious kaballist Rayne Keller as a “ritual instrument” for political, spiritual and harmonic revolution. Keller designed their costumes, their stage sets and wrote their lyrics, but preferred to remain behind the scenes pulling the strings.

The only existing version of “Finchley in the Rain” we have is from a BBC live session, where an embryonic version of the track appears as the first part of “Folk-Soul Medley (In G)”. The full version of it was intended to make up the first half of their debut album “This is Bromwich Ham”, but the band split after a studio fire which destroyed all of the tapes.

No-one was injured in this accident but frontman Brent Cunningham cut ties with Keller after the fire feeling that he had escaped from some kind of hypnotic trance that Keller had placed upon him and the rest of the band. Solomon worked with Cunningham, now a catholic priest, to reconstruct the song as it might have appeared if the tapes had not been destroyed.

This might have caused friction between Solomon and Rayne Keller, who has penned numbers for us in the past including “Kids Breakin’ the Law” and “Str8 to Video”, if it hadn’t been for the intervention of Sally Kitchener who did most of the programming and arrangements on this recording. In spite of it being Solomon’s voice on this track, there is as much of a case for this to have been released as Sally’s debut.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Without further ado, after over forty years behind the veil, here’s “Finchley in the Rain”.

Zali Krishna, Colindeep Prefecture, 2015

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