I’m not particularly nostalgic about the music of my teens, but I was lucky to have seen a moment when all it needed was a massive increase in MDMA ingestion to make people not want to be violent thugs anymore. I tend to believe in recreational pharmacology more than human nature.

Found that MDMA stuff piss-boring myself, but a huge airburst of Love Thy Neighbour bombs in the style of Lem’s The Futurological Congress, could be the only thing that could save us from ourselves now.

Impromptu raves at every set of traffic lights!

No more debate with far-right ideologues FFS! No more of the sophistry of the cult of rationalism!

Sure, I know my solution is of the Destroy All Rational Thought variety, but at this stage I feel it’s less about saving the human race than making extinction an enjoyable process. The “objective” environment would go to shit, but in terms of merciful release it’s all good.

At the moment the other version of the leaving the planet solution requires a huge spaceflight investment. And even if there was the capital for that, I’m not sure that the time is there. The population needs to be transported from the earth soul first. Leave the dying body behind.

“Hey!” I hear you object, “this just sounds like a solution for a ruling elite to dispose of the population.”

Well, they are very welcome to the screwed environment they inherit. It’d become more a heaven/hell on an unmechanistic model of Teilhard De Chardin’s Noosphere than the interwebs that have accelerated this crisis.

“Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot remain in the cradle forever.” — Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.