A Womb With A View 2004

The second performance of the Stella Maris Drone Orchestra was in January 2004. The personnel was Ayyaz, Tim Orff, Rajinder Deo, Richard Fontenoy, Mark Pilkington & Zali Krishna. It was actually Pilkington’s first gig because Grufty Jim who had played at the first gig was unable to attend.

The venue was the infamous Speaker Palace at Andre Street near Hackney Downs station.

An mp3 of the whole performance in its full forty minute glory is available here for the first time:
Stella Maris Drone Orchestra @ Womb With A View 31.01.04


Platform Five(5) on Video

The Platform Five(5) on Classwar Karaoke.

The audio from this track comes from sessions in September 2007 for our gig at a Drones Club/Klinker special. The PF(v) on this occasion was the core band of Alaric Peter, Richard Fontenoy & Zali Krishna. The video was produced by Fontenoy earlier this year.

Another video, produced by Krishna back in 2008 featuring music from the same session, entitled Jarre Love Dagenham Autowerks, for obvious reasons.

This incarnation of P5(iiiii) played three further gigs over the next few years. A streamlined motorik version played at the Checkpoint night at The Others in January of 2008, and there was a rather shambolic set at Off N On at Industry in June of the same year; and then in March 2010 they performed a set at Bar & Co that they’d rather forget about.

R.I.P. Jack Vance

As a society matures, the struggle for survival imperceptibly graduates and changes emphasis, and becomes what can only be termed the quest for pleasure.

(From Baron Bodissey, Life, Volume III; Jack Vance -The Star King, Chapter 6)


6835562416_75a93996b3_oA complete refit for the Discography page. Links for mp3 downloads of most albums going back to 1998.

Details on pre-1998 material will be updated from its current lorem ipsum filler state soon, and we hope to upload most of that earlier material to archive.org for yr entertainment.

We realise that it is slightly inaccurate to call this a Discography because many of the albums only appeared as cassettes or downloads but we think you understand what we mean. Whoever we might be.


DungenessSomewhere out in Andromeda is a world of dusty parking lots in the sun. Dusty and mostly empty because it is easier under local conditions to manufacture car parks than cars.

You drift from place to place getting easily entangled in unhappy polyamorous clusters, ignoring the telepathic messages and increasingly irrelevant 3D blockbusters from Earth.

There will be daily glimpses into the utopian experiments going down in the deserted parking lots Near Andromeda over on the *other* blog.

Read it and weep!