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Following his victory in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, Krishna found himself in a changed world. Within twenty-four hours both the stylist and hairdresser had left the team. “They were awful careerists,” Krishna told us, “both of them left for Japan. A band called Vow Wow had poached them from under my nose.”

This betrayal gave Krishna cause to re-evaluate his life.

“The spirit works in strange ways. There was something out of balance inside of me; at a fundamental level. I toured the cloud reefs in a Cessna Sky Yacht reading CS Lewis. I was looking for new insights and ways of seeing through nature, through art.”

After experimenting with watercolours, which he found unsatisfactory, Krishna decided to focus on the next generation. “Not children, or not in the genetic sense. I built a race of sentient creatures from the DNA level up.” The research facility on the site that had previously been the Aeroville estate in Colindale, which had been silent for so long, was now alive again with polyphonic voices and elegantly reimagined limbs. “Intelligent design is so important to me.”

When Krishna returned to the industry to record this new album, Brand Ambassador, things had changed across Europe. The micro-balkanisation on a regional level that had carried his success as Nova Grendoza’s entry to the Eurovision had granulated into ever smaller nano-states. “And there were more of those anomalies: why had Israel ever been in the Eurovision? So many regional departments of former North Korea wanted a slice of the cake. Europe has become defuse and indistinct; like Middlesex or NASA.”

As a reaction to this multiplicity of global singularities, Krishna work became once again increasingly local; he focussed on the specific. “It’s easy to generalise. Everyone is an expert these days. The dilettante who knows his backyard like the back of his hand, and can evoke the genius loci beneath every rock, has been sidelined for a lot of wafflers.”

So here, wafflers, is the new album. It’s a little over forty minutes long and contains eleven tracks. Ten recorded at Nova Grendoza West and one recorded at Nova Grendoza East. “And a big shout going out to the Searchin’ posse: Tom, Doig and Gemma. Yeastflakes is a reboot of the Searchin’ number Whipsnade, but it could never have happened without those guys.”


Solomon Kirchner, Alperton North-East, 2015

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